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Opening opportunities for individuals with disabilities

Disabilities services are offered to arm individuals with disabilities with the tools to address their needs and live more independent lives, allowing them to contribute to their community. Our disabilities services include the following:

Day Program

Our Excel day program at Four Corners Community Services offers day habilitation services, vocational training, and employment assistance for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The training and work opportunities are introduced to each individual depending on their interests and abilities.

Since this program focuses on building skills based on the members’ preferences, the member will be working with their group mentors in improving themselves. They will be supported in promoting their ability to form connections, develop areas of interest, and build new skills that boost their independence.

Excel day service includes virtual, centered-base, and community-based activities with regards to the interests and ability levels of the individuals in the program.

Among the activities introduced in this program includes but are not limited to planting, yoga classes, music therapy, arts and crafts, social skills classes, and pet therapy.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Program Bridge-It can be provided virtually or face to face with the participation of the individual’s employer. With this service, our members will be guided in determining their interests, capabilities, and potentials in a career path and will be provided with proper support in honing their skills throughout the employment process. At Four Corners Community Services, our supported employment services include:

  • Training and Systematic Instruction
  • Job Coaching
  • Benefit Support
  • Travel Training and Planning and Other Workplace Support Services (including services not specifically related to job-skill training that enable the participant to integrate successfully into the job setting)
  • Job Placement
  • Job Development
  • Negotiation with Prospective Employers

Community-Based Support

Community-Based Supports Program is a one-on-one program that offers assistance for individuals with or without a caregiver, whether in or out of the participant’s residence. The goal of this program is to achieve or maintain our members’ inclusion in their community, promote their independence, and enhance their productivity and family functioning as outlined in their service plan. This program covers assistance with community-based activities, training, and supervision of individuals as they learn and perform the different tasks essential in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living.

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