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Our expressions of arts program involve different activities provided based on the members’ skills and interests. They are moderated by art mentors who can train them in the process and help them improve and learn from their craft.

Art of Model Building

In this activity, members will be tasked with building model cars, trucks, trains, boats to create something from start to finish. This activity is great in improving their patience and promoting their cognitive skills. Since some of the activities involve working in groups, they can also bond with other participants and exercise their social skills.

Art of Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are interesting and educational materials that are fun and involve different subjects. Completing a puzzle can provide a sense of accomplishment and promote fine-motor development and social skills. It also improves a person’s attention span and problem-solving skills.

Art of Sensory

This activity involves sensory stimulation that has different benefits, including nurturing sensory and artistic skills for individuals with developmental disabilities. This form of therapy helps them exercise their muscles, mind, and emotions.

Art of Crafting

Crafting is a fun way for individuals with developmental disabilities to express their creativity and thoughts. It involves using different sounds, words, colors, and textures. Finishing a craft can give them a sense of achievement. At Four Corners Community Services, our crafting activities usually involve painting by number kits, stringing beads, making items, sculpting with clay, or Play-Doh projects, to name just a few.

Art of Cooking & Baking

Cooking is not just a fun activity. Since cooking for oneself is an important daily living task, it promotes self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment for our members. With this activity, they will tour around a kitchen, learn certain utensils and measure cups work, and be guided on learning simple to more advanced recipes.

Art of Gardening

Gardening is a great way for our participants to bond. They will be guided in the process of planting and nurturing seeds and watch them grow into trees, vegetables, and flowers.

Art of Music

The art of music program can be provided personally or virtually. The program involves weekly one-on-one instruction by music mentors and tackles all types of musical genres from all over the world.

Art on the Spectrum

The art of spectrum program is offered to individuals with learning disabilities. With this, they will be encouraged to explore different art techniques in creating their art projects. These projects involve materials of different colors, media, and textures, depending on their interests. At Four Corners Community Services, we can guide our members who are interested in Multi-Media Art (video gaming), Painting & Drawing, Clay & Ceramics, Design, Sewing for Beginners, and Comic Book & Anime Art.

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