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We offer our members health services that help them manage their condition. Apart from health management, this program also involves restorative and rehabilitative services that allow individuals to gradually gain or regain body functions and address issues that may be affecting their ability to form social connections every day.

Health Maintenance and Coordination Program

Our Health Maintenance and Coordination program assists families and individuals to coordinate and maintain their health and wellness. We work with doctors, insurance companies, clinics, laboratories, and other medical providers in the community, allow our members to focus more on quality time with their families and integrate into the community without a healthcare gap. This program consists of but not limited to:

  • Assess medications and health/medical diagnosis and develop individual treatment plans
  • Continue monthly nursing monitoring
  • Assist with scheduling appointments and arranging transportation
  • Educate members on how to adhere to treatment and medication.
  • Manage member medication via a pharmacy portal
  • Educate and follow up with a member/guardian on health status, progress, and case records
  • Monitor services provided and complete all the necessary case documentation
  • Educate, counsel, and assist the members in the understanding of their health and medical diagnoses
  • Teach the member/guardian methods and behaviors to be virally suppressed
  • Collaborate with medical treatment providers and pharmacies on a member’s behalf
  • Assist the members with medical follow-ups for all hospitalizations and discharge planning
  • Update the support coordinators on all medication changes, diagnoses, and health indispositions
  • Educate on diet-based or healthy meal choices
  • 24/7 access to an on-call nurse for all medical questions and assistance

If you have more questions for us, please do not hesitate to call or send us a message.